7 vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Hamburg Eat plants, not friends!

Frisch und lecker!

A vegetarian or vegan diet has stopped being a trend and become a real lifestyle. And we are happy to announce, that many of the restaurants in Hamburg have adapted this lifestyle. So here are seven tasty places, where you will find yourself in a vegan and vegetarian food-heaven.

Opening Hours Better check twice

Remember to check the opening hours and menu before you visit or order at the restaurant. During these crazy times a lot of things change overnight. Since we can’t keep track of everything happening, we would recommend you to better be safe than sorry and check opening hours, delivery and take-away options before your visit.

Geheimtipp Hamburg Eppendorf Cafe Soul Vegan Coffee Bar Dahlina Sophie Kock15
SOUL – vegan coffee bar

Soulfood & Jungle-Vibes

Kontakt Eppendorfer Landstraße 109, 20251 Hamburg hello@soul-vegan.de 040 21063612
Öffnungszeiten Mo-Mi:Geschlossen Fr-So:10:00-17:00
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Hamburg Eppendorf is home to a café everyone living a vegan lifestyle should know: SOUL – vegan coffee bar. Here you will not only find a wide range of vegan deliciousness but also dishes, that are made from organic ingredients only, which are delivered without any plastic packaging. A real treat for your soul and belly and a relief for the environment. That is what we call a win-win situation! And as if that wasn’t enough there is also no single dish made with industrial sugar. No matter if you chose a bowl or a breakfast creation, all portions are huge and loaded with fruits, seeds and sprouts. Delicious AND healthy – we love it!

Geheimtipp Hamburg Karoviertel Restaurant Happenpappen 33

Vegan-Love in Hamburg

Kontakt Feldstraße 36, 20357 Hamburg veganverliebt@gmail.com
Öffnungszeiten Mo: Geschlossen Di-Fr: 12:00-17:00 Sa-So: 11:00-17:00 Küche hat bis 16 Uhr geöffnet :
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In between the busy streets of Sternschanze and the rough walls of the bunker at the railway station Feldstraße (U3) you will find Happenpappen. Cathy, the owner of the cute café, and her team will make you speechless, once you’ve tried their delicious vegan creations. And if it’s not the food, that will attract you, most certainly the interior of this place will. The huge windows and numerous plants, that are growing in every corner turn this café into a beautiful little escape, where you can find some peace and quiet from the outside world. Enjoy a burger or the delicious banana chocolate cake which is as fudgy and moist as it get’s! And whatever you’ll try and order, one thing is for sure: You will go home very happy and satisfied with this vegan culinary experience!

Kraweel StPauli cafe geheimtipp hamburg lisa knauer 11

This is where the locals go

Kontakt Paul-Roosen-Straße 6, 22767 Hamburg
Öffnungszeiten Mo-So:09:00-22:00
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If there is any place one should know, when visiting St. Pauli, it’s kraweel. This cozy and quaint café is especially known for it’s tasty breakfast. So tasty, that on weekends you either need to be an early bird or very patient to get one of the fiercely wanted seats. We especially love the vegan breakfast edition: avocado, two buns, home-made spread and a few other treats served on a rustic tray. And don’t forget to order a cappuccino with oatmilk!

Geheimtipp Hamburg mamalicoius pexels photo 376464

American breakfast at its best

Kontakt Max-Brauer-Allee 277, 22769 Hamburg 040 37026944
Öffnungszeiten Mo:11:00-17:00 Di:Geschlossen Mi-Do:11:00-17:00 Fr-So:10:00-17:00
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Mamalicious located in the Max-Brauer-Allee isn’t only a total and complete dream for everyone, who is living a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle and loves to brunch. It also offers a lot of fantastic soups, salads, sandwiches and burgers which you can enjoy in an down to earth environment. Every dish is meat-free and most of them are vegan. Enjoy a Havana Burger made from black beans, avocado and salsa and don’t forget to order some pancakes drowned in maple syrup, french toast or cake for your tasty dessert.

Geheimtipp Hamburg Karoviertel Café Teikei Dahlina Sophie Kock 34

The most sustainable coffee in town

Kontakt Marktstraße 25, 20357 Hamburg info@teikeicoffee.org
Öffnungszeiten Mo-Fr:11:00-16:00 Sa-So:10:00-17:00
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You love coffee? Then you will love TEIKEI! Because at this little place located in the Markstraße you can get amazing filter coffee which is not only tasty but also made sustainably. The producers make sure, that the farmers cultivating the coffee in Mexico will get fair wages. Also the coffee is transported environmentally friendly via sailing ship! Amazing, isn’t it? With your cup of coffee you can also enjoy a piece of heavenly cake and some vegan treats and dishes.

Essen auf einem Restauranttisch angerichtet
Bảo Bảo

Vegan vietnamese kitchen

Kontakt Schrammsweg 10, 20249 Hamburg baobao.hamburg@gmail.com 040 76486840
Öffnungszeiten Mo:Geschlossen Di-So:16:00-20:30
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Vegan vietnamese food? No problem for Hanh! Together with her husband she opened the Bảo Bảo in 2019, where they serve a wide range of vegan vietnamese dishes topped with a big portion of good vibes and cheerfulness! Our recommendation: Order a big menu with a bunch of people and dig in! This way you can enjoy the whole range of deliciousness.

Welches Team seid ihr: süß oder herzhaft?

= verb, to change

Kontakt Lehmweg 31a, 20251 Hamburg hi@aendre.de 040 36941522
Öffnungszeiten Mo-So:09:00-15:00
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If you live on a vegetarian or vegan diet, sustainability has probably be one of the reasons you chose to quit eating meat and dairy products. So you will be very happy to hear, that there is a café in town, which is known for it’s sustainable way of handling their business. The ÆNDRÈ. The minimalistic little café is run by Janine, who lived and worked in Amsterdam for many years always dreaming to have her own café one day. When she first came to Hamburg, she instantly knew: This is it! This is the place, where I want to open my own café. Her goal: To enable every customer to eat healthy and most importantly: consciously! So prepare yourselves for a menu full of vegan recipes, healthy bowls and  welcoming vibes.